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The Challenge

Hello all!

Sorry I disappeared for a bit. If you wrote something for the challenge, please go ahead and post it. I'll round everything up in a few days.

Thanks! :)
After a lengthy hiatus, govt_stole_toad is back and ready for action! I'm happy to announce our next challenge, the Angels and Devils challenge!

You can sign up for the challenge by responding to this post and choosing two prompts. One prompt will be either one of the seven deadly sins or one of the seven contrary virtues (hence angels and devils). Sins and virtues can be chosen more than once.

The other prompt will be an Oscar Wilde quote. Because no one deals with sins and virtues better than Oscar Wilde! The quotes can also be chosen more than once. The quote does not have to be incorporated into your fic or art. It is simply there to help jump start the writing or drawing process.

While this is a Neville/Luna community, genfic featuring the two are also welcomed. All fic and art, up to M will be accepted. No NC-17 fics or art allowed.

Posting will begin on October 15 and go through November 15.

When posting, please use the following format:

And on to the prompts!Collapse )

Those pesky plot bunnies...

Mods--delete if necessary! :)

Alright, everyone. I've had a dry spell. Yes. It's sad, I know.

I've decided it's time to take requests. Though I can't promise I can't get to every one of them, I will try.

Here are the rules:

1. PG-13 rating is the limit. The only exception is an R rating for gore/violence/that sort of thing.

2. I am not limited to pairings in which this is posted in. Request any pairing and I'll see what I can do. I am more than open to doing slash pairings. I have never written femslash and am hesitant to try but if that's all I get, I will do it.

3. I will accept cross over requests, but I'll be fair and won't do the cross over unless I know both fandoms well enough to write about them.

4. Any kind of prompt will work.

- A title (ie "The Jar of Concepts")
- A song (ie "Straight Lines" by Silverchair -- Please leave a link to the lyrics and to the song itself if this is the prompt of choice.)
- A word (ie "camp")
- An entire summary (Because I am, as I said, lacking in plots, I won't give an example of this--you get the idea. I will accept fully developed plots and semi-developed.)
- A picture (ie Give a link to the picture.)
- Anything else you can think of. If I need more information/clarification, I will comment to your comment.

5. I am familiar most with the following fandoms:
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Harry Potter
- Twilight
- Good Charlotte
- National Treasure
- House (I haven't written anything for the show yet, though.)
- Phantom of the Opera
Among others. Just ask if it's not on the list and I will let you know.

6. Please alert me if I need to be careful of spoilers. For example, if you have only read up to a certain point in the Twilight saga, tell me that you don't want spoilers for Eclipse or whatever the appropriate title is.

I think that's about it. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

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Apr. 15th, 2008

spewchallenges is a new community that awards elf made prizes for prompt contests. All artistic forms of expression are encouraged so if you make cosplay costuming, staged photography, fan videos, music, knitting, or other forms of art normally excluded from prompts: this is the place for you!

Their first prompt is up and I'd like to see participants from all over the HP fandom regardless of ship or sexual preference!

We don't have a word count minimum or limited amount of entries, so if you like drabbles, haiku, or limericks you are encouraged to join as well!

Come give us a look!
If this post is not allowed please delete. I did not mean to offend.

Harry Potter icon post

Hi, guys! I bring some HP icons! Includes Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Luna, and Neville/Luna. <333

Includes 33 icons and 2 banners. Enjoy! ♥


1. Image and video hosting by TinyPic 2. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Click me! Comments appreciated.

N/L fic

I don't write a lot of N/L, but this bunny wouldn't leave me alone.

Title: The Secret to Puffapods
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,237
Warning: Minor DH spoilers
Author's Note: Luna always makes me nervous, but I'm pretty happy with how she came out this time.

Over Here!

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to pixychelle, our Member's Choice winner for the Wand of the Wood Challenge! Your banner, made by the wonderful molly_coddles, is under the cut. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Congrats to Pixychelle!Collapse )

The Challenge is Now Closed!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Wands of the Wood Challenge! From what I can see, there have been some wonderful stories and art submitted. I hope you all enjoyed the first post-Deathly Hallows Neville/Luna challenge.

We will be having a member's choice for this challenge! Below, there is a master list of all the challenge submissions. If you'd like to vote for your favorite, simply respond to this post with your selection. All posts to this entry will be screened.

- lionille wrote The Great Snorkack Migration There are some momentous events that only happen once. [Romance, G]

- sellthelie wrote A Moment In The Sun I like you Neville Longbottom." [Friendship fic, PG]

- slytherin_face wrote Red, Red, Wine After taking a job at the Three Broomsticks, the man Luna has been waiting to see finally comes in to pay her a visit. [Fluff, PG-13]

- mosaic wrote Teh Touch of your Hand "Neville jumped a little at the sound of the door opening. He hadn't been expecting anyone to come by this late at night, but he smiled when he heard Luna's soft voice lilting toward him." [Romance, PG]

- pinkelephant42 drew Research The idea is that Neville and Luna go on a trip together both to get away from the post-war world and to research plants and find Snorckacks.

- molly_coddles wrote Toadal Annihilation The REAL book seven! ;) Trevor, usually fixated on escape, finds a cause to fight for and builds his own army; just like his owner. [Genfic, PG-13]

- mmmfishfingers wrote Begin Anew Neville loses something dear to him. [Angst, PG]

- jdbracknell wrote Marigolds Her mother used to tell her stories of love and life, only in the stories, the two didn’t seem all that different. [Romance, PG]

- pixychelle wrote The Scribbling Lark and the Blackthorn Tree Every year, after his plants died or hibernated, Luna floated in to fill the gap. [Romance, PG-13]

Thank you again to all writers, artists, readers and reviewers! Since the challenge is over, it is now open posting. If you have fic or art to share, now is the time. Happy posting! :D
Title: The Scribbling Lark and the Blackthorn Tree
Author: pixychelle
Prompt: Blackthorn -- Blackthorn is a winter tree and is very hardy, it has black bark and is armed with vicious thorns and can be found growing in dense thickets. Its wood and its thorns are used for offensive magic like thundersticks or piercing effigies. The plant itself has come to represent fate or outside influences that must be followed.
Rating: 15
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 13,500 (whole)
Summary: Every year, after his plants died or hibernated, Luna floated in to fill the gap.
Author's Notes: I must admit that as the story grew (and grew and grew and grew some more) it drew upon knowledge of the blackthorn tree itself along with the associations given in the prompt, perhaps even more so. Contrary to (or in conjunction with, if you look at it that way) the association with offensive magic, blackthorns are "defender" trees, acting as a thorny protector for both animals and younger trees alike and allowing them to grow unhindered by predators. Despite its outward appearance, it's one of the great nurturers of the plant world.

Hopefully it shall still pass muster for the challenge.

Thanks go out to senjism for the beta!

Major DH spoilers, if you somehow haven't read it by now.

ETA: There is a "missing scene" to this fic, part of the first section from Luna's PoV, over here if you're interested: Pity. Also, I changed the rating to the British system which reflects a more accurate rating for this piece, I believe.

The fic has been posted in two parts due to length:

Part One

Part Two


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